Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sunday summary

Happy Sunday! Today I have been mostly drinking tea out of my new mug! Happy days! I have had a productive week this week and a couple of late MA working nights seem to have paid off and I now have some colour work to my sequence. I also managed make a couple of magnets too!

Tomorrow lunch time I can go and collect my screen printing kit (frustratingly the postie place shut at 11am yesterday and I didn't realise until 11.17am SO annoyed with myself!) Hopefully I can post up some screen printing practices soon.

we have started getting a Graze box, this one's my favourite for obvious reasons ;)

New in paperchase

..and the lovely box it came in


  1. your cup made me chuckle out loud!

  2. :) I know and even better there's also a big smile right at the bottom for when you've finished...ready for the next one! :)


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