Wednesday, 30 March 2011

I'm loving...

....all the screenprinting. I feel I'm finally at home with the materials I'm using and the results I am getting! Let's hope this is a break through.

I've been working on an alphabet of designer chairs and have now added the second screen of colour and I think it is finished. I'm struggling to decide on a font for the alphabet and chair names and I'd love to get into the letter press room at Uni but I'm worried I'm not going to have enough time. I think what i'll have to do is complete a few mock ups with different text (in photoshop) (photoshop self learning going VERY slowly) and see what looks the best.

All images Copyright HLJennings

Bunny is coming along nicely and now I've changed his face a little and made him yellow I'm much happier with him - I have completed a full screen of the final sequence image and now I want to make sure I have the rest just right before I do the final screens.

I've also had a go at the James and the Giant Peach competition by redesigning the cover - so far I've just done one colour and I have the characters to add in the second. I have however forgotten my bleed (silly novice mistake) but I am putting it into Illustrator to add further text (self learning going even s_l_o_w_e_r) so I should be able to move things around there. Fingers crossed.

I've moved away from the rose sequence - I was having to spend way too much time in graveyards and the novelty wore off ;)

Friday, 25 March 2011

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Tuesday already!

Very disappointed to have missed my usual Blog updates. I have been busy:

Drinking Lemsips (are they addictive??)
Working (the 'pay the mortgage' kind of work ) (worst kind)
Not sleeping
Working (MA kind of 'fun but tiring I should be in bed asleep' working) (best kind)
Drinking tea
More lemsips

The novelty has not yet worn off and I'm still enjoying my screen printing kit. As you may know I LOVE chairs; the history of them; the design of them...I love them. Charis, chairs, chairs, chairs! I had to get it out of my system and so (it fits in with my MA work as it is a sequence) I have created an alphabet of chairs. Completely self indulgent but hey I love it.
Here's a bit of an update.

Edible glitter improves everything, especially when you are ill

all images copyright HLJennings

Hmmm Chairs!

After my magnets the next thing to go up on my Etsy shop.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

In love with....

This sofa.....

see more here

Yesterday we were introduced to Chiaki Okada's work. It is jaw droppingly beautiful...oh how I wish I wish I wish I could draw like this. It has made me think a bit more about experimenting with pencil and watercolours more for the right effect in my sequence. So much to do!

chiaki okada
Obviously I love this one the most due to the squiggles! Have a look here.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Sunday summary

Well germs are rife in my household this week! My lovely new mug has been very useful and is now stained pink with all the Blackberry lemsips I've been drinking. I feel (and most probably look) rough.

 I can tell spring is on its way as every time Badger comes in he is now covered in moss or some lovely spring bloom that he decided to roll on and flatten. Come on Spring I need you....

I have taken a bit of a break from my current sequence project and have been playing with my new screen printing toys. I fell in love with the rabbit in my first sequence and so have been producing some prints around him and his antics. I'm hoping to finish them off this afternoon and maybe even get a Blurb version done...I'll see how it turns out.

Mid point Crit was on Wednesday and I am having mixed feelings about the comments and where to go next. They seemed happy with the sequence itself; with a few suggestions about adding back in items I'd culled from the end- but they felt that I really needed to work on the drawings in order to be able to 'pull off' the sequence.

Eeek - back to the drawing board! Literally.

No photos of my screen printing yet - apologies a lergy induced sleep this afternoon meant I missed out on valuable squeegieness, and I don't even feel better, humph. I did sketch out a new sequence using my Bunny character....on its way soon.

The wreath is still crisping up nicely!

A stamp design for the new 'hat range' of magnets

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Happiness is....screen printed bunnies!

Yipppeeeee my screen printing 'stuff' is all collected, put together and ...working!

Today I will be mostly screen printing!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sunday summary

Happy Sunday! Today I have been mostly drinking tea out of my new mug! Happy days! I have had a productive week this week and a couple of late MA working nights seem to have paid off and I now have some colour work to my sequence. I also managed make a couple of magnets too!

Tomorrow lunch time I can go and collect my screen printing kit (frustratingly the postie place shut at 11am yesterday and I didn't realise until 11.17am SO annoyed with myself!) Hopefully I can post up some screen printing practices soon.

we have started getting a Graze box, this one's my favourite for obvious reasons ;)

New in paperchase

..and the lovely box it came in