Wednesday, 30 March 2011

I'm loving...

....all the screenprinting. I feel I'm finally at home with the materials I'm using and the results I am getting! Let's hope this is a break through.

I've been working on an alphabet of designer chairs and have now added the second screen of colour and I think it is finished. I'm struggling to decide on a font for the alphabet and chair names and I'd love to get into the letter press room at Uni but I'm worried I'm not going to have enough time. I think what i'll have to do is complete a few mock ups with different text (in photoshop) (photoshop self learning going VERY slowly) and see what looks the best.

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Bunny is coming along nicely and now I've changed his face a little and made him yellow I'm much happier with him - I have completed a full screen of the final sequence image and now I want to make sure I have the rest just right before I do the final screens.

I've also had a go at the James and the Giant Peach competition by redesigning the cover - so far I've just done one colour and I have the characters to add in the second. I have however forgotten my bleed (silly novice mistake) but I am putting it into Illustrator to add further text (self learning going even s_l_o_w_e_r) so I should be able to move things around there. Fingers crossed.

I've moved away from the rose sequence - I was having to spend way too much time in graveyards and the novelty wore off ;)

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  1. are far too young to be in a graveyard!


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