Sunday, 13 March 2011

Sunday summary

Well germs are rife in my household this week! My lovely new mug has been very useful and is now stained pink with all the Blackberry lemsips I've been drinking. I feel (and most probably look) rough.

 I can tell spring is on its way as every time Badger comes in he is now covered in moss or some lovely spring bloom that he decided to roll on and flatten. Come on Spring I need you....

I have taken a bit of a break from my current sequence project and have been playing with my new screen printing toys. I fell in love with the rabbit in my first sequence and so have been producing some prints around him and his antics. I'm hoping to finish them off this afternoon and maybe even get a Blurb version done...I'll see how it turns out.

Mid point Crit was on Wednesday and I am having mixed feelings about the comments and where to go next. They seemed happy with the sequence itself; with a few suggestions about adding back in items I'd culled from the end- but they felt that I really needed to work on the drawings in order to be able to 'pull off' the sequence.

Eeek - back to the drawing board! Literally.

No photos of my screen printing yet - apologies a lergy induced sleep this afternoon meant I missed out on valuable squeegieness, and I don't even feel better, humph. I did sketch out a new sequence using my Bunny character....on its way soon.

The wreath is still crisping up nicely!

A stamp design for the new 'hat range' of magnets


  1. I couldn't see a way to comment on your Project 64 photos which are so wonderful, so I came over here to let you know how much I enjoyed seeing them.

  2. thank you so much! That's so lovely to hear and I have a big smile on my face now, I must admit I'm loving being a part of it all! :)


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