Friday, 24 June 2011's been too long... things in life are like buses they true...I have been off being creative I promise, I've just been spectacularly rubbish at's obviously turning 30...decaying brain cells?!

A photo blitz is called for....

...I turned 30 in Greece...beautiful

...handmade fused glass from Greece came home with me :)

I did some sorting in the 'studio'

..I've become addicted to doodling bikes...

...and still additcted to keys as ever....

it says "It is often the last key on the ring that open the door" lets hope there's some truth in that... to Portobello with friends hopefully I'll come back with some more keys to add to my collection :)

.....found these wonderful laser cut cards in paperchase!

....found out that a bit of creativity zen and teamwork makes Hazel a very happy nut :)

...thought I couldn't possibly fall even more in love with books than I currently am....then my Penguin cover postcards arrived...I haven't stopped drooling over them since

.... for Dad

...see I haven't been wasting my time...loads more to follow I hope. Who knows what's round the corner- I can't wait to find out!