Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Tuesday already!

Very disappointed to have missed my usual Blog updates. I have been busy:

Drinking Lemsips (are they addictive??)
Working (the 'pay the mortgage' kind of work ) (worst kind)
Not sleeping
Working (MA kind of 'fun but tiring I should be in bed asleep' working) (best kind)
Drinking tea
More lemsips

The novelty has not yet worn off and I'm still enjoying my screen printing kit. As you may know I LOVE chairs; the history of them; the design of them...I love them. Charis, chairs, chairs, chairs! I had to get it out of my system and so (it fits in with my MA work as it is a sequence) I have created an alphabet of chairs. Completely self indulgent but hey I love it.
Here's a bit of an update.

Edible glitter improves everything, especially when you are ill

all images copyright HLJennings

Hmmm Chairs!

After my magnets the next thing to go up on my Etsy shop.

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