Monday, 31 January 2011

Monday, Monday...

I forgot to tell you about my baking failure at the weekend - in order to cheer myself up I made multi-coloured cakes however they didn't quite turn out as planned and overflowed in the oven - P's is now calling them 'cake-splats' which was pretty much what they looked like! I managed to salvage about 2 good ones. Splat or not they still tasted pretty yummy!

Paperchase have the best pens - this one cheers me up at work

Work avoidance...create a pistachio Hodgeheg

2 new fabrics and one new sewing machine what to create?

Sunday, 30 January 2011

A new skill...

I learnt to make random little piece of paper is now safe in my house

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Gummi and jelly heaven

I wish my street was this colourful and edible! This light is amazing! Hmm I wonder if you can make something similar with a pack of Tangtastics?

Things I have been up to

Even though it has been a few months since I last popped in to say hello I have still been busy here's a bit of an up date in pictures.....
I enjoyed the snow with Badger
I hut hunted in Brighton

found a hollowed out canoe in Gambia

...and loads of birdies

..lovely.. some new size 5s (I'm really a 7)...

...aren' t they lovely.. phone for the living room a Mary Quant Vintage....

found some funky random plant in the garden.....

...added to the material collection, it's tiny but growing...(sewing machine next)...

....finally made Octopusillanimous.. check out sock creatures

...managed to grow my vintage key collection

started shadow spotting......

finished the moustache magnet collection with my stamps...

put a key to good use

a card I made for mine and P's anniversary
Introducing Quiff - realised he hasn't really had a proper introduction...he is very cute and very grumpy.

Quiff and his prickles


I have utterly neglected to keep up-to-date and have been absent for a bit- sorry - well actually I've just been mega busy and dashing up and down the country for Christmas and New Year.

Mustache Collection Ladies T-Shirt - Sizes S, M, L, XL
here's one of them
Happy Belated New Year! New Year's resolutions??? Well... mine is going to try and avoid the norm/high street/ things everyone else usually have and do. I've started quite well by investing in some amazing individual T-Shirts
which I love from etsy - if you are yet to discover the wonderful world of Etsy then please please if you do anything else in your life add Etsy to your favourites - it is a truly inspirational place to disappear to!

(Maybe it should also be to keep this more up-to-date?!)

Another is to be more creative...creativity in general.

This year is also supposed to be the 'year of the house' and so I am really hoping to extend the non-highstreetnessification to the plans, decoration and furniture of the this space.

MA module 2 began this week - yey I got through Module 1 and was relatively pleased with my results although could always do better (the joys of being an only child - competitive with yourself ;))

The sequential Image is the next challenge so time to get going with it and see what happens! :)