Monday, 15 August 2011

Work in progress...

Just wanted to share some of the bits and pieces I have been working on. I have managed to mock up some of the ideas for a story involving Badger and his new toy. This is currently just in dip pen and ink but I am going to try and experiement soon with some additional colour in either water colour or inks...or both.

I have also been producing some screen prints I haven't yet managed to finish all the different colour layers yet but here as a taste...guess what it is?

I have also been sketchbookingifying some ideas around the next 'homework' project with the lovely illustrator's group at Just Imagine (If you are local in Chelmsford and haven't been yet....GO...and take your Credit is an amazing aladdin's cave...a dangerous place for Children's Book lovers!).

Jellyfish wear jumpers right?!?