Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sunday summary

What an amazing, crafty and inspiring weekend! I really feel as though I have achieved something this weekend. I had a fabulous day with friends in Battlesbridge yesterday and managed to come away with a few goodies (I had to be very restrained) I dug out a couple of lovely tins - one I have put to good use already with my letterpress letters in it. I also found a wonderful stash of vintage postcards - I could have spent hours flicking through them but managed to restrict myself to 6. Some of them have the full original addresses on them and the messages that were written! One of them reads :

My Dear Bill, Just a  few lines this week. I'm hoping to find you in the best of health, as it leaves me at present quite ill. I had no news from you last week, hope there is nothing to prevent you writing. I suppose you have not heard any news of coming home yet? I do wish you could write and say you would be home for Christmas but I suppose we shall be together one Christmas. I think that is all for now, hoping to hear from you this week, my love Beatrice xxx

It is dated 25.10.12. Lovely. One the oldest ones I selected is dated 1909 - amazing! :)

Today I learnt to knit! I am busy with my sequences at the moment but I'm looking forward to a good 'ole knit later on! Here's a bit of a summary in pictures.

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  1. the OXO Cubes tin was interesting. Not sure what they were.


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