Sunday, 13 February 2011

Sunday summary

Happy Sunday everyone - I know I keep saying this but wow how quickly are these weeks disappearing. I've had a lovely weekend at a friend's 30th (which means mine is on the horizon eek!) Here's a Sunday summary to enjoy with a lovely big cuppa!
I love chairs! Random I know but if I had a huge house (and lots of spare cash) I would collect chairs - their design is just so beautiful. Here is my favourite notebook and some fabric I have! Lovely :)

This is one of the original watercolour/ gouache spreads I did but I have now sketched out some new compositions.

P and I were out in town the other week and I saw this Graffiti. It's great I keep looking out for more they have to be somewhere!

Think this might be the next collection

I spotted these a few months ago at Sutton Hoo when we were out wandering :)
Now to see what this week has in store... Ooo and I'm still on the hunt for Apricot for Project64

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