Sunday, 6 February 2011

Sunday summary

Ooo what a busy week - my mind has been racing with ideas for my new MA module although very little has been committed to paper...that's the next step! Here's a little Sunday summary of the last few days.....

I made a lovely paper owl from the most amazing site. I have also put my new instax to good use - I actually like that you can see my reflection in this. 

Project 52 begins

My sequence project is based around a traditional wreath...I have one in my studio (aka back bedroom) that is withering and dying, I am photographing it everyday as it decays; it is actually becoming more beautiful

I have braved some sketchbook entries and begun to develop my ideas around the wreath and a narrative that can coexist with it

It involves the changing of the wreath, on a grave over time

...but also involves a child and her toys
...all will become clear I hope once I have finished the sequence
We finally had our doors fitted - they are reclaimed 1930s doors which we found in a reclaim yard near us. They have replaced the horrific 1970s efforts that the previous owners put in and threw the original door out! We have had them stripped. They still need some love and attention but I love the texture and look of them just like this.
After being stripped some of the doors were out in the cold and they have wonderful ice patters on them!

Oh how I wish I had the key to match!

Mayonnaise art - food art is so underrated

I had another go at rainbow cakes - this time they actually looked like little cakes rather than rainbow puddles! (or cake splats!)

New fabric to play with :D

 Quiff came out to play
 I had a real 'snow white' moment and was lucky enough to catch these two having a chat on the fence
 They sat around for ages!
 I think he is trying to remember where he buried all the nuts - I've been watching him all winter digging up the lawn then patting it back down (badger's not been too impressed and even managed to unearth one of his buried treasures (an acorn!))
 Then he was gone :) lovely.

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