Sunday, 7 November 2010

Next sketchbook

One of my favourite places to draw. Our tutor commented that it was a shame I didn't focus more on the view out of the window. I completely agree as it was the view I actually spent most of the time looking at but for some reason failed to draw it?!

Frustratingly the perspective is not quite right here - it is a view I nearly 'chickened' out of attempting although I am glad I gave it a go now

There was a lovely moment in the pub where I was drawing where a Dad was playing with his son I tried to capture their movements and the shapes they made together

I was trying to avoid lazy drawing and looked and looked and looked

I was supposed to be drawing a different view but Tea distracted me :)
These are from the second sketch book I have been using for the first module. I have gone back to a Moleskine as I really love them. I am finding myself less distracted by different paper types and text (although a part of me is missing them).

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