Sunday, 7 November 2010

Break through?

I was having trouble fitting things into a frame and not 'zooming' in on items then placing them out of context within my drawings . The box fame really helped by focus and look at what I was really seeing in front of me

I came back to the window view and this time really focused on the view beyond and what I was really finding interesting

I had to draw this lovely old man - listening into his conversations with his son over a rather larger hot chocolate really made my day - I had to capture it in someway

I really relaxed whilst drawing this - the light was streaming through the windows and I actually wished I hadn't added the figures

The tone here isn't quite there but it was a really great view through into the courtyard and houses beyond that I had to give it a go

I really liked how spooky our hallway looked and really liked looking through the doorway from the light into the dark

The gym

I was attempting to darken my tone and really bring the foreground forward. It is not quite there but I feel I have a point to continue to progress from

slightly out of order - this is the most recent of these images - again I was trying to improve how I was looking at perspective; laying down the background then adding the people as they came and went
After comments about perspective and looking at tone and detail I have slightly adapted the way I have been looking and drawing. I think some of it is quite successful although also some of it I found frustrating. I am however really starting to enjoy observing a drawing from 'real life'.

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