Sunday, 14 November 2010

just keep going...

life drawing this week - I enjoyed the challenge of this one

Profiles of a baby that was sitting near me - they don't sit very still so I didn't get much information down each time but it was good practice

I'm a bit rubbish at feet and hands and so practice is needed! This profile is Burt from the life drawing class he has the most amazing moustache - if he's there next week I'm going to spend more time drawing him

After feedback from last week I have been trying to draw more profiles and not 'hit them in the face with a spade'

Found this such a difficult pose to draw

Life drawing this week - not a very good photo but unfortunately I don't have a scanner big enough

I was a little bit fed up of staring into my sketchbook on Friday evening and so decided to do something else creative after being inspired by some origami butterflies on Etsy - finally I have something to do with my stamps :)

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