Saturday, 29 January 2011


I have utterly neglected to keep up-to-date and have been absent for a bit- sorry - well actually I've just been mega busy and dashing up and down the country for Christmas and New Year.

Mustache Collection Ladies T-Shirt - Sizes S, M, L, XL
here's one of them
Happy Belated New Year! New Year's resolutions??? Well... mine is going to try and avoid the norm/high street/ things everyone else usually have and do. I've started quite well by investing in some amazing individual T-Shirts
which I love from etsy - if you are yet to discover the wonderful world of Etsy then please please if you do anything else in your life add Etsy to your favourites - it is a truly inspirational place to disappear to!

(Maybe it should also be to keep this more up-to-date?!)

Another is to be more creative...creativity in general.

This year is also supposed to be the 'year of the house' and so I am really hoping to extend the non-highstreetnessification to the plans, decoration and furniture of the this space.

MA module 2 began this week - yey I got through Module 1 and was relatively pleased with my results although could always do better (the joys of being an only child - competitive with yourself ;))

The sequential Image is the next challenge so time to get going with it and see what happens! :)

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